ISB Partners - Jeem Solutions

Jeem Solutions Inc was established in 2001 as a small web design company to provide valuable custom web design solutions to the customers mainly from the local community. As time passed, the company showed extraordinary growth and commenced its international operations. Jeem Solutions Inc is renowned for its mobile applications, which received a warm response from iOS and Android consumers.

Jeem Solutions offers a wide range of services, such as the designing and development of all kinds of mobile phone applications (including iPhone, iPad and Android applications and also customized and predesigned apps).

Jeem's Mobile Development Solutions

Jeem Solutions with its deep expertise in web application development made a very successful progression towards mobile application development on platforms such as Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad and Android and launched several applications and received a warm welcome by the users especially on iStore and Google Play markets.

Jeem Solutions heavily focuses on enterprise applications and exposing key sensitive materials over to the mobile work force of a growing company. With its custom mobile applications development platform Jeem Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform (JMEAP), it offers rapid on-demand custom mobile application development tools, built with the strategic needs of enterprise customers in mind.