Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

ISB offers a wide array of innovative and reliable Voice, Messaging, USSD, Loyalty and Churn Management, Mobile Advertising, 3G and Call Center applications to the Saudi markets.

Partnering with IVR leaders around the world, we can provide you with flexible solutions which are built on top of our powerful Service Delivery Platform (SDP) and which offer seamless integration with your existing infrastructure as well as next generation network.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems allow users to interactively communicate with computers through the telephone in order to access to a wide range of information, and a wide range of services. IVR systems have invaded most fields that highly depend on customer interactions. They are meant to provide an improved service and ensure customer satisfaction. It enables callers to dial (or be dialed from) a fully automated system and use voice prompts, in conjunction with phone pad, to interact with a wide host of information provided. All while providing seamless 24/7 service.

  • An IVR can answer a large volume of calls automatically without delay, eliminating the frustrating busy signals. It can enable callers to obtain recorded information and/or to conduct transactions without the assistance of trained specialists.

    For calls that require live assistance, the IVR can collect caller information and route the calls expeditiously, without multiple hand–offs.

  • An IVR can reduce the staff needed during business hours by providing information to callers without the help of trained specialists, which in turn lowers the contact center's operating costs.

  • An IVR can operate around–the–clock without human intervention, providing a menu of information and services based on times–of–the–day, days–of–the–week, and holiday schedules.

  • An IVR can serve as a customer survey tool to collect feedback on performance of the IVR and trained specialists. It can also log call detail information into its own database for auditing, analysis, and reporting, which can further improve the IVR and contact center performance.

Customer care creates the foundation for positive customer service, a primary factor in building a stronger business. Cisco Voice and Unified Communications range of products deliver state-of-the-art contact center capabilities for enterprise applications. With products like Cisco Unified Contact Center you can provide intelligent contact routing, call treatment, network-to-desktop computer telephony integration (CTI), and multichannel contact management.
Apliman IVR enables callers to interactively communicate with a wide range of applications and is perfectly customizable to implement different value added services, game applications, directory services ...etc. Designed to truly improve IVR-based solutions, Apliman IVR offers the option of adding different gateways easily and quickly, at minimal time and effort.